hinson clutch ............

besides the trick/coolness factor what REAL gains will there be with the a hinson clutch basket, pressure plate, hub.

does all this hinson stuff really make a difference on my brand new 2004 yzf? What differnce will I feel?

it is billet instead of cast. ie, cut from a solid chunk instead of a poured mold.

also look at barnett's new one with steel fingers and the wiseco unit.

really not needed until it starts to groove, then the difference is that one will disengage and one won't (ie grooved one).

The OEM clutches even on new bikes are notoriously grabby. The hinson basket will eliminate that problem and will last much longer before needing to be replaced. If you are not having any problems with your clutch and don't race don't spend the money until you HAVE to replace the OEM basket. If you race, you will get much longer wear out of the Hinson or Barnett products.

yes i race my 250 in super moto, just did my first race this weekend.

I was just wondering if this will offer any perfomance advantages over stock.

I guess not until my stock stuff is worn then huh? or not?

I would replace it before the stock one wears. If you are racing or extremely abusive with the clutch, replace it now or you might find your self fighting with the clutch during a race or even a DNF.

Advantages........ More oil to the clutch, easier clutch pull and response, last but not least...Durability. The Hinson is worth every cent.

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