Stator questions

I have a few things,I need help and advice with. Had a DRZ400 and loved it. Wanted something a little lighter and with more power. 


1. I will be picking up a 07 wr 450 next week. I'm putting Vapor gauges and a cooling fan on and wondered if I needed to do the BD stator/rectifier kit to handle the extra current draw from the fan? The fan will be wired directly to the battery with a fuse and manual switch. It will only be on intermittently when I'm in tight single track stuff.


2. Headlight. Not sure how much better/brighter the 07-11 headlight is over the 03-06 (or is it the same just shaped different?) but what bulb do you recommend to make it brighter if needed? Don't really want to go HID. I believe switching to a brighter light will require the BD stator/rectifier kit. correct me if I'm wrong.


3. If I need to, should I send my stator to BD and have the ground floated and buy their rectifier, of just buy the BD kit? I ride 100% Baja. I've been twice to Cabo and back all dirt and many trips to Mikes and Coyote Cal's. Don't want to get stranded out in the middle of nowhere.







If you end up having to get something done with your stator, look into Ricky stators. Not saying they are better, just giving another option.

headlight runs directly off the stator - you can't put a higher wattage bulb in coz the stator doesn't output enough power

Only way to it is either

  • HID/LED bulb (more light from same/less wattage
  • Float the ground on current stator to covert it to full DC, with it all going to the battery. You will need a different reg/rec. This is what the BD kit is. you shoull be able to swap tot a 55/60W bulb with this set up

You will be ok with the fan on the stock set up

Question is, why you do feel it is needed. As long as you are moving there is sufficient cooling. the WR rads are bigger than the YZF to compensate for the slow nature of the single trails

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