4-str racing mini - when? Will it kill XR50 sales?

Just wondering.

There's been rumors that YZ150Fs might be in the works for racing in the 85cc class. Seems like Yamaha should get one out there since Honda is stealing all the thunder lately. The XR50 and CR150 (motard) crazes are a boon for Honda for sure.

But, if there was a race-ready mini 4-stroke I'd buy one for a play bike for sure! You know, long travel, similar high-revving engines as the 250F/450F etc. I'm not too interested in the BBR creations but would love an off-the-showroom-floor mini-race-thumper! I think it would spark even more interest in adult play-bike classes.

Anyone know anything?

It sounds like Yamaha has a mini-Thumper ready to go, but won't release it until the AMA gets off its butt and finalizes the rules for 4-strokes for the mini classes.

I guess there's a few ways the rules could read and it could obsolete the bike before it's built.

That's all according to a dealer. We all believe dealers, right? :)

Only thing I believe about dealers is that they'll screw you :):D

I really dont think it would hurt the xr50 sales, it wouldnt be the same, all the fun of te 50 is that its the smallest bike and that you get to customize how you want. Plus theres just something abotu 10" wheels :)

I'd buy one! :)

Only thing I believe about dealers is that they'll screw you :):D

I know a couple dealers that qualify :D :D

I hear that Honda and Yamaha are both working on REAL mini race thumpers. I also hear in 2005 they will be a reality. :)

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