molar mechanic.....

did you go to macau for the asia pacific with the guam team?just wondering.....i think you were with your son riding a yz250f and some mini kids...

Yes, that was my son on his YZ 250F and myself without a bike. I was just pretending to be a wrench and representing Guam Motorcycle and ATV Corp by default. The word is that there are 2 series races in Macau this year. At the end of this month, there is the series openner at Bali but we are not going. Son needs to be in school. In february, the race is at Palawan Island in the Philippines for round 2. Don't know if I'll go there either since that is kind of the gray area for the Abu Sayaf and NPA. Where are you from? The Guam race is in June or something. Our race last November was great. All the international riders enjoyed the race, especially the post race activities.

i was with glen aguilar in macau and i was supposed to race in guam under namssa-philippines but i got my visa late.i'm currently in the states.

Next time, get you paper work early and come have fun with Glen and Macky. How is Glen's KXF? There were 3 other KXF's that had mechanicals. His was the only one without any problems for the UAM race on Guam.

yup..hoping i could get my green card this year then i'll go back home.i'll be going to some mx school here comes spring time.i sold my '04crf450 in the phil. and i just got one here this weekend, can't ride it's cold outhere but the track will be open this feb so that's it.

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