Has anyone tried the 756RR front tire yet ?

I realize these tires wear quickly but my front tires last a long time anyways so I thought about giving them a try in an attempt to get this Honda front end to stick.

Was it an improvement over previous tires that you have used?

How has it worn?

What terrain do you ride?

Would you buy it again?

Anything else that you thing is relevant?

Not one person knows anything about one of the most popular tires out there? Anyone?

No offense, but apparently nobodys dumb enough or good enough to justify paying that much for a tire.

When I first read the post the RR didn't catch my attention. I run the standard units until I hit the lotery. Bring me up to date is the RR the unit with the stiff sidewall?

Two things come to mind...

1) the stock K490 front sucks (03 and 02 models)

2) get almost anything over the K490

That being said, if your front end is not sticking, it is most likely suspension setup or the need for linkag/clamps if you have an 02. The 03 model has updated linkage parts that change the steering angle. I personally run a Maxxis IT up front and it works awesome except in sand. I have a Dunlop 742 waiting to go on the front though to try out. Dial in your rear sag, these bikes need it "just right" to turn properly, I have found 95mm-97mm is optimal for me.

Price is not really a big deal on the RR Dunlops, if you look around, they can be had for only a few $$$ more than other models....$100 each is too much, and I feel sorry for anybody that actually paid that much for an RR model... :D:)

DOH! I see you have a 2004 model, well for sure, your steering issues are not tire related, sounds like improper setup, the 742 that comes stock on that bike is supposed to be pretty decent....

The 756RR is about $7 more than the 756 at Rockymountain. Price is not really an issue. The test I saw said they absolutely ripped (they claimed 2 seconds a lap faster)but the magazine guys are idiots if you ask me. They also said they wear really fast so I would not consider the rear just the front. My turning technique leaves something to be desired. I've only been riding a few months on the dirt and I improve everytime that I go out. Recently I rode an '04 YZF250 and the thing handled way better than my '04 CRF does and I went a lot faster thru the turns right away. He had a standard 756 on that bike.

I've got my bike dialed in the best that I know how. Whenever I lower the front end of my bike in an attempt to get it turn better the rear will not hook up. It will just slide out every turn.

I also did try a 120 the other day and it was way better than my 110 so I'll be switching that as well in the near future.

The 756RR is about $7 more than the 756 at Rockymountain. Price is not really an issue.

Oh that's it? I retract all statements I made. :)

Most likely the suspension for the YZ450F was setup correctly, enabling you to corner better. I would say not getting the front end to stick is not a tire issue as much as a rider/suspension setup issue.

I'm having the same problem with my front end washing. What are the possible set-up mistakes that i have? Sag or clickers? :)

I just saw/read about using a 90/100-21 front tire instead of the normal 80/100-21.

It said it acted like the 20 inchers traction b/c it has a wider footprint.

It also mentioned both Dunlop and Bridgestone.

I don't remember where I saw it though.

I don't know of one offered for sale yet either.

I ahve been running one on my YZ 250. I have ridden three times before the snow hit. The tire is wearing fairly well. It is better than the standard 756, but it is a small difference. I bought one from Rocky Mountain. No way in hell would I be willing to pay 100.00 if I went to buy another one.

No offense, but apparently nobodys dumb enough or good enough to justify paying that much for a tire.

I've got one on mine, but since I'm not RC, that must mean that I'm too dumb to opine on the matter. :)

What the heck, I'll risk it. It works way better than the POS D742 in my opinion, but it isn't magical. It's probably the best front tire I've ever run but by a small margin. I'll probably try another tire or two that I've been curious about before I decide it's my "new tire". Wear seems pretty close to a standard 756 so far, but this is only after 4 rides. I'll be surprised if that changes.

I'm running a 756 front on my '01 426. It's waaayyy better than the stock739, probably the best tire I've ever run to date on any bike. Part of that may be because it's a soft-terrain tire which matches my riding conditions better than the stocker. I'm going to try the 90/100-21 Dunlop as soon as it comes out. Motocross {Yamacross} Action Mag says it works pretty well.

Hi Sunhester

I am relatively new to MX/Dirtbike riding. I have improved significantly since i started nearly 2 years ago. I always thought i had a front end suspension or tyre problem but after 1.5 years of my riding budding constantly pestering me to "GET FORWARD ON THE SEAT" i can now say it was mostly rider related.

May or may not be relevant, but hopefully of some help to you.....




I run the RR on mine also. So far (only 3 rides on it) it seems worth the $$ to me. Now if it was even close to what they listed for when they 1st came out I'd say HECK NO, but for the extra 12 bucks I paid I feel it's worthy of a "give it a shot" from anyone thinking of trying it.

So go right ahead........Give it a shot! :cry::cry:

If I remember correct, you can run lower air then a stock 756 because the sidewall is constructed stiffer. Lower air = wider footprint which is some soil conditions (sand & mud??) will work better.

1-888-BSY-FAST you can get 756RR for $55. and 756 for $40.00. tell them john stinson sent you. by the way my 03 crf450 has standard 756, rr version wears too fast


gainesville fl

What the heck, I'll risk it. It works way better than the POS D742 in my opinion, but it isn't magical.

I though I was the only one that hated that tire more than the 739 front. :cry:

I've got a set of RRs on right now that worked killer on a very well groomed & soft track that hosts an arena cross series I did a few races on. On the hard/loose, dusty & dry tracks, the front is noticably loose. For the hard stuff, I need more of a square knobby as opposed to the RR pointed knobbies.

yea the guy i bought my 450 used the RR's. They work great, but obviously you know they wear out fast as hell. If you ride on a budget, they are a waste of money.

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