WR 250-2smoke, need opinions

Let me first off say I love my thumper, but....Last fall I spent 4 days riding a 97' WR250-2stroke. It really was an awesome bike to ride in the woods, very nimble with nice power. I can get my hands on one for a pretty decent price with few extras included. I believe they stopped making these in 98'. What's the 411 on these bikes. Anybody out there own one or know much about these. Parts availability, things to look out for, etc. Thanx brothers :)(just saw the canuck flag and had to add it!!)

Which model was it, the JZ or the Z1J? 2 totally different WR250 2 strokes were available in Canada in 97. The ZJ was based on the 94 YZ250 and had a big tank. It was way fast (very good for XC/desert racing) but didn't handle great due to the huge tank. The Z1J was a 97 YZ with a wide ratio tranny and lighting coil ignition. It handled a lot better but was nowhere near as fast as the ZJ model. This model was also sold in 98, then discontinued.

Which bike were you riding? I owned the ZJ model in 97,it was a great bike, even for novice MX. I wish I had kept it and converted it to a dual sport.

Must have been the Z1J

Well whichever model it was, they are stone reliable, and unless you need trans or ignition parts or a back wheel you just buy YZ parts for pretty much everything on the bike. They are great bikes. Had they thrown a headlight on the Z1J it would have given the KTM EXC a hard run for the money.

A family member still has a '96 WR250 2-stroke. I love riding that bike! The power delivery is perfect, even though it is a 250 2-stroke. The gearing is also perfect. That bike is soooo fast in the open desert, and in the tight sand washes. All it would need to be a competitive desert weapon is updated suspension and a steering stabilizer.

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