Need your feedback on "How-To" page

As some of you may know I have been attempting to "chronicle" the adventures of checking and adjusting the valve clearances on my 450. I have taken multiple photo's and wrote some info but need to know if full-size versions of the pictures, thumbnails, or just links would be preferred? I have done it in full-size but the page can take some time to load for those on slower connections. Let me know what the consensus is and I will make it so.

The link to my page is in my sig, follow it to "How To's" section on my home page. Thanks.

The typical solution to that is to post low res pictures or thumbnails in the article that you can click on to load the larger images. This way the page loads very quickly but you still have the option to view the larger images if you like to. I'll toss in a cheap plug to one of my pages for an example:

Ironman sprocket page

There are a couple of pictures on this page linked to larger pictures. Choose "view source" in your browser to see how to pop them up in a new window. Hope this helps!


So shall it be written, so shall it be done! I figured that would be what most people wanted, just wanted to ask. I hope to do alot more "How-To's" once I get the g/f a TTR and do some other work to the 450.


I just made the change, it looks so much cleaner. Thanks for the help.


you should take a look at the 250F thumperfaq page on the same subject, located at

also, at the bottom of that page are MS Excel and MS Word docs which auto-calculate what shims you need.

moreover, there several very useful tips on this page,

(for example, wrapping the bike frame in saran wrap prior to taking the valve cover off; and the necessary sealant for replacing the valve cover.)


jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f


your page doesn't work with either Mozilla or Netscape. support open source software and open web standards, or it will be microsoft's world you will be living with in the future. this TT page came to you via the efforts of a lot of open source developers (linux, apache, php, openssl, mysql, etc) -- return the favor.


Thanks for the info. I have to admit the Web Design arena is fairly new to me. I was just wanting to come up with an interface to let people view my helmet cam vid's and riding pictures.

My main area of expertise is in networking, I will go toe-to-toe with anyone on here when it comes to that, well maybe everyone except the CCIE we have on here! :) I am planning on building a new webserver to run my webpage on and get SMTP going as well. Thanks again.

Well I think the web page is fairly lame. My 13 year old did a better one one his camadore 64.

Some guy awhile back had these cool balls you clicked on. I liked that one. Other than that you look slow in the Vids. Isn't that my roost all over your Jeresy? :)

We'll see who's roost is on who's jersey next year. If only it was March.....

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