new valves/help

just put in new valves, adjustment after 3 trips to get shims was very close slightly on the loose side,guage slid in and out smooth just light drag,bike fired right up,but i think i can hear just a bit of tapping from the valve train,should i tighten up some more,or ride and see,im thinking it might tighten up ,since that what happend in the first place. 02 bike,kibble white valves, 04 piston :)

What are they set at?

what the book said not near a book now, i think 16 23 :)

Hey bro I am just starting to have a problems starting my 03 Crf 450 so I followed the manual and did a compresion test and it was at 40psi it should be 62psi well the next step is to check your valve clearence Right Well with the motor at TDC I can't even fit the smallest feeler gage that I have in there. that is a .0015 gage and it should be around .16 so that is where I am right now what should I do. start with the smallest shim and then put it all back together and then recheck my clearence?? :)

I was told a decomp test insn't accurate because of the auto decomp feature. A leakdown test will tell you a lot more. The guy who did mine said I was at 37% leakdown.

Martin, did you get your bike straightened out?

boulder i had the samething had kibble white take a look at it,he said change the valves and spring don,t mess around. i had no clearance great know you don,t feel the power lose until it right agian hange on bro. :)

i,m going to tighten up just a bit,going at lunch to get some shims to finish up . i think i can do this job with my eyes closed now,is that good or bad. lol (randy) :D :D i cant believe the power diffrence now, was loosing alot,must be mostly valve problems because the new piston can,t make that big of a diffrence. i,m :) so ';';''; happy

I got it back from the second shop. Initially I didn't think it was any different.. I had my buddy come over and ride it, but before I gave it to him I ripped it up and down the street. It seemed to be pretty much normal??????? He thought I was crazy and said it seemed fine to him, but he rides a CR-125. I haven't had a chance to ride it in the dirt since I picked it up on Xmas eve. I am burning through the honey-do list and the holidays are over so I anticipate riding in the near future. I am going to ride it until it acts up again or worse then tear it down.

What did they end up doing to it?

He initially said my gas was bad, I smelled it and it smelled like gas to me. He said my intake tract was full of the sealer that the 1st shop used to seal up my boot which made no difference what so ever. He showed me that when I twisted the throttle no fuel squirted out of the carb. I had checked this before and after tearing apart the carb myself, it squirted across the floor. He took apart the carb, cleaned, checked valve clearances (no probs), did a leakdown test (37%) and said it ran fine. when I got it home and rode it around the neighborhood, it still had that significant bog when I cracked the throttle. It runs really strong and it starts on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd kick. Their is no bog/flat spot when you roll the throttle on in 2nd or 3rd... the only problem is the defective front wheel... it never wants to stay on the ground. I know I wasn't imagining the bog as I wouldn't have spent the money to have a pro check it out. I will just wait for it to get worse and some other reason to tear into the motor. It runs to strong to me to have motor problems. Ripper65 has 250+ hours on an 02 and never even changed the plug. I have maybe.. 30.

My bike was the same way. Your valves are worn down where the valve meets the seat. I am currently switching all of my valves and springs out. I am using steel valves. they hold up forever.

The dual springs are noisier. I was worried about mine on my 02 until I heard another 02 with the kibblewhites. I put a new head on so I wasnt concerned with seat or guide issues.

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