Question about riding in Oregon

Winter we have Salem and Clark Co. Arenacrosses, also Woodland has an indoor practice track. Outdoor winter MX at Woodland. Summer outdoor has Albany Supercross, Washougal MX, Portland International Raceway and Mountain View MX. All of these within an hour of Portland.

I grew up in Bend and have a few riding buddies who live in Portland. Around Bend there is one MX track in Madras, I haven't ridden there but have heard it's decent. There is tons of desert riding in the Bend area. Around Portland there are quite a few tracks. Washougal is 30 miles along with another 3 local tracks and some down in Albany and Eugene. Bend is quite a bit drier than Portland and has alot less people but both are nice places to live. Good luck...


The Oregon Dunes is also a very fun place to ride, it is on the coast and there are 35,000 acres of wide open dunes to chose from...just need a rear paddle.

Oregon riders,

We are considering a move to the Pacific Northwest. We have friends in both Bend and Portland.

What is the MX scene like near those two cities? ?Are there tracks that can be ridden year round? I am a beginner/novice rider but am completely addicted - LOL!

I may be spoiled but here near Houston you can prety much ride 90% of the year. There are plenty of tracks and weather is pretty mild. The only time you can't ride is when there are back to back storms and the ground gets soaked/tracks get flooded.

Thanks in advance!

Steve T

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