'04 400 EXC

Does anyone know anything about the '04 400EXC :) I'm looking at getting a new bike in April and was looking at the 450 but then I saw the 400 was coming out. :D Any help would be greatly appreciated :D

It's the same bore & stroke as the original '00-'02 400 EXC with all of the current chassis, suspension, exhaust upgrades, etc. as the rest of the '04 EXCs. A lot of guys preferred the quicker revving, shorter stroke (by 8mm) power delivery of the 400 vs. the longer stroke 450, so KTM is offering the 400 EXC for '04 again in limited numbers. They might be tough to get, depending on your location and who your dealer is. The 400 can also be modified by installing the optional 453 kit which increases the bore, but retains the original shorter stroke. It's the set-up that Mike Lafferty rode before switching back to the new two-stroke just recently. The stock 450 EXC is an excellent bike. The re-launch of the 400 EXC simply illustrates the "different strokes for different folks" brand of thinking that KTM has long since been noted for. Choice is a very, very good thing!

Thanks Slayer.......I was wondering if it was the same. :)

The 400 has ALWAYS been available so there's no "re-launch" at all. It's made in very limited numbers for some race series or other in Europe. There's an ISDE class called 400cc four stroke and I think that was all that was legal last year. Apparently they allow 450's now but still call it the 400 class.

I owned an 01 400E and own an 03 450E and I never noticed one iota of difference in the revability of one motor over the other. They're almost identical in lowend power but the 450 has more power in the middle and on up. I'd personally go for the 450 just from a re-sale point of view. You're sure not gaining anything, IMO, by getting the 400. Almost the same price new.

As to what Lafferty was riding, who knows? There are a LOT of different rumors about all the configurations of bikes he rode last year.

Thanks Jeb. I am looking forward to my first KTM and want to get all the information I can about the different bikes. I'm 99% sure I will get an EXC but haven't ruled out the MXC yet. I took a quick look at your web page and it appears I can get a lot of info there. I may be asking you a few more questions in the very near future. Know anything about the 50 Sr Adventure? :)

I'm happy to answer any questions I can but I know nothing about the KTM's under the 125, sorry. KTM wasn't on the radar screen when my now 19 year old son was growing up so he's a green rider.

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