Anyone try this filter Kit?

Yeah, this is the filter people are using when they pull the backfire screen out. Several people here have tried it and liked the results.

Yep. Works great!! Really peps the bike up. My jetting went to 162 main....Needle in 5th position....stock pilot so far at around 2 turns out....just set fuel screw with a high idle to see what it likes. I think its a must have item!! :)

I just bought the filters. The stock cage works fine, you just bend the tabs on the metal screen and remove it. :)

Cool. Ordered and on the way

was the improvement noticible? what will this this system do to help the best bike in the world?

thanks ,simon

Did it help out the bottom end? or just the top end on power?

Thanks! - rb

Damn, they're out of stock.


I was wonder how the seal is from the filter to the filter cage? I've used PC racing seals on all my bikes in the past, and am wondering if the $105 TwinAir kit will take the place of that? By that, I mean, not having to grease the seals on the filter. Or could you still buy a PC racing seal and put it on the TwinAir kit? Thanks.

Why the heck is this thing so expensive??? Isn't it just a filter and a cage? Unbelievable!

That's why I skipped on the cage and just bought the filters. The factory cage is fine if you spend 5 minutes taking the Lawyer Screen out. :)

I still use the PC seal ring, (hate to grease filters) power is improved throughout the powerband. Makes bike snappier in bottom-mid to mid with better rev-out. Proper jetting will be required to realize best results. :)


I hate to blatantly spam but check out the details on that billet cage and you will see why it is so expensive.

Also, the new kit we have out with the sealing ring is very expensive but for those who can afford it will have an easier time installing the filter.

We realized how expensive our kits got so we tried to offer every option for your price range; 35 for just the backfire, 105 for the cage and backfire filter, and 230 for sealing ring, new cage, and backfire.

Again, sorry for the spam but just wanted to clarify some things.

Feel free to comment, your suggestions are always welcome!

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