Front sprocket guard on XR4

After putting about 4 hours on my new bike, I started hearing a racket coming from the chain on my bike. My wife helped me narrow it down to the chain rubbing against my front guard. I took the bike back to the shop where I bought it, and the "fix" was to shave out the guard.

Four hours of riding later, the problem creeped back. My "Fix" was to remove the guard altogether.

Has anybody else experienced this? Were the holes tapped into my case at the wrong locations by the factory, or what?? I wear riding boots, but I don't like the idea of that countershaft sprocket spinning so close to my ankle.

Any ideas are appreciated.

Didn't experience anything like that. However, I would recommend some sort of crankcase guard in the event of a derailment. There are several companies out there that supply guards.

I would put something on there. The ankle thing is bad but if the chain breaks it will tear the case apart.

take it back to the dealer

I would definitely put the guard back on and/or get a new one. I once pulled something huge into my front sprocket that caused the guard to become quite bent. I pulled if off, whacked it a few times with a hammer and straightened it back out. You don't want the chain or anything else to come whipping up there and say hello to the case by poking a hole in it. That will be big bucks.


What year is your bike? 250 or 400? We have two items there. One is the case saver that protects the case from an instant roadside inspection hole when the chain breaks, and the other is the chain gaurd that will keep you from putting your fingers in there. I have both on mine, and wouldn't run without either...just because. I'd look at your chain, and see if you have a bad link, that comes around and hits the case saver, and/or the sprocket gaurd. What is the sprocket combination you are running?

It is an 03 XR400

The "case saver" and guard ar intregal in my case. The one acts as a spacer for the other.

When I first took it back to the dealer, I thought it was the chain not being lubed by the dealer before delivery (unfamilar with the characteristics of O-Ring chains) They assured me it was not, but they gave it another lube none the less. From the orignal post, you know that was not the case.

I never even thought about case damage from a broken chain - duh!

Both of them are supposed to be there for a reason. I've seen people remove the cover, and leave the case saver. I've also heard that if you ever want to go to a 16 front(why), then the case saver will have to be removed. If the chain hits either one, whether it's after 4 hours, 4 miles, or 4 feet, something's not right, and I agree with what's stated above; return to the dealer, and have them cure it before your warranty expires. Then you are stuck with it from then on. The situation you have is not a common one, as least from what I've heard.

I agree with Corey. It is not a common problem, in fact, yours is the first I've heard of. Take it back to the Dealer and make them troubleshoot it, not just try fix after fix without really looking at it.

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