What does the dunes do to a dirt bike?

I have a '02 426 and I am planning to go to Glamis soon. Are there any bad things that happen to your bike after riding in sand?

It's hell on bearings. Make sure your air filter is properly oiled and sealed at the lip.

Makes the engine work a lot harder, especially on starts. You turn more RPM with more resistance to go the same speed as on dirt so you'll definitely want to change the oil after a couple of rides. Otherwise, anything with lube on it like chain and sprockets or grimy areas will get sand stuck to it.

Here's an easy mistake to make:  If you ride up to the top of a dune and stop there with the front on one side, the back on the other, and the skid plate perched on the dune, you may well have the end of the breather hose stuffed into the sand on the crest.  It won't do it while it's running, but it can slurp up some sand as the engine comes to a stop, or while starting.  Be sure the hose is clear of the sand at times like that.  You may want to add a filter to the end of it to be sure.

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