Shop Manual/ valves

Does anyone have a shop manual for sale for the drz400E 2002. I need to adjust the valves and need the info. Is the CD on the internet anywhere? If I had it I would share on KAZAA with my fellow dirtbike riders. I am going to buy for my other bikes and share for all.

Try those instructions for the Valve Check =)

No one has the CD

i have it in pdf format but not on cd.

do you have an ftp site or an messanger account?

is so email me at

i will send it

Anything like this for the S model?

if suzuki knew about that they could roast the guy.

People sell copies on ebay for years, buy one sell it what a deal. Yamaha has a website with the service manual you can download I dont think they care. I bought the bike bust someone for a few dollars I doubt it.

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