Anyone reccomend a good battery charger/tender?

I need a new decent battery charger for my wifes Warrior. Any good low cost recomendations? I would like one that also keeps a maintenance charge, as my wife rides it only about once a month.

I just got a battery tender plus for xmas. I believe that is just what you are looking for. Comes with a pigtail that attaches to your battery that you can tuck out of the way, but easily connect to the battery tender. That way you don't have to pull the cover off the battery to hook up. Maintains a float charge, so it isn't a constant trickle charge. It senses battery voltage so it doesnt' over charge.

Rusty in Austin

I have had a Battery Tender since getting my DRZ 3 years ago. It works great - as advertised. I'm happy with it. Shop around as prices varied alot for the same model.

I have the battery tender jr. and it works well. I also hooked up the battery with the quick disconnect, which lets me plug in and out with out unbolting the battery side panel.

There are tons of 'em for sale on Ebay.

Get the Yuasa 900mA one from under $30....cheapest place around. Hard wire it in. Use the charger cord to run GPS, heated clothes or whatever. Smokin deal!!

I'm telling you guys.. $16.95 Walmart special does the job just as good as those costing twice or three times as much. Comes with two pigtails too so you can keep them on the bike(s) and not have to remove so much body work to get to the batteries..

I got a $28 charger from Home Cheapo, works great!! :)

Thanks guys good info :) Paul Maust is helping me root out the electrical short in the next few weeks. My wife will be very happy to have a quad that starts all the time :D

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