DRZ pic after Budds Creek, Md. H/S

I had a bad day riding but any day riding is a great day. I hit two trees and the ground more times than I can count.


What is this stand you got there? Where can I get it? How much $$$? Do you like it? :D

Nice mud bath for the bike :D How are the trees by the way? :)

Motorsport Products EZ HI/LO LIFT STAND. If you look around you can get one at a good price. I got that one at a local dealer during an open house. I like it when they give 20% off everything. I try to buy everything while they have these sales. If you don't want to search, www.denniskirk.com has them for $87.99... I paid $69 for mine.

Wow.. Now that is one seriously mud-caked engine. Mine hasn't looked like that for months :D

Keep up the good work :D :D :)

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