'13 WR450 Oil Filter Change - Replace the O-Rings?

The 2013 WR450F Users Service Manual (comes with cycle upon purchase) shows 3 ea. O-Rings that are specified as "New" (for replacement) during an oil filter change.


You guys do this (replace them)?  Or, just reuse the one's that are already there?




Reuse them.

I bought a set of 4 (to include the larger O-ring as well as the 3 small ones) before I did the first oil change on my 426 ten years ago.  Since then, I've used one or two of them a couple of times as the ones in place show signs of wear, compression, etc.  Then I replace the one I used. 


Not even close to every time, just once in a while when it looks like it's called for, and it's nice having them on hand.

OK, thanks for the help calibrating my expectations on the O-Ring life.


Got it :)

my 06 WR450 use the stock set o-rings for 7 years, about 30,000KM and then starts leak.  :applause:  

I also agree to have it on hand, but will only change it when leak.  

Never changed one

I had my 2006 YZ450F for 9 years. Never replaced them, never leaked

Never changed mine owned it 4 years

OK, thanks for the help calibrating my expectations on the O-Ring life.


Got it :)

+1 on reuse.


But I always double (ok maybe triple maybe more, ok ok ok OCD alot :ride: ) check for leaks or seepage on all points including drain bolts and oil pressure bolt.

I re-use.  Although, I did pinch the upper one putting the cover back on.  Sheared it right off.  Fired up the bike and a leak appeared.  Took it off, found the sheared o-ring, and promptly bought several for spares.  It's a bitch to find motorcycle store open on Sunday!

Always good to have an extra set on hand.  I don't recall the exact details, but a friend had told me that once he was not able to re-use the o-ring because it had expanded on him after dis-assembly and would no longer fit in the grooves.  Perhaps he left it off all night, it dried out, etc.?  I have a big o-ring on a leaf canister for my pool and that has expanded pretty good, so I can see it happening. 

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