Snorkel Removal /Fuel Range

So I changed mapping for muddy conditions to start with and did 23 miles of tight single track. Tight enough being the average moving speed was 14.5MPH....Anyway after 23 miles and a few tip overs the fuel light still didn't come on. I'm thinking it ought to get right around 50 miles on a tank for an average trail ride and safely about half that racing especially in sand washes, for example.

The motor makes very good power for a stock 450. I left the snorkel in, changed the fuel screw, put on comp ECU, and added the GYTRexhaust piece. I'm changing the mapping to woods mapping and will see how it does then. I'm confident it'll make plenty of power for racing even in D38 where it is common to pull miles and miles of washes.

The bike is very nimble and easy to ride. Stock valving is excellent and it seems I will only need to add heavier springs for my fat arse. I would like more fuel capacity, and sub mount for the stabilizer, and some full wrap hand guards....But I would race it as is.

This is a really good question. I'm still wondering if decent economy and decent performance are mutually exclusive. I'm so uses to carbureted bikes the fuel injection business is scary.


I understand why you feel this way about FI.


Look at it this way: Hardware and SW types (that's me) have been removing analog measuring systems for decades now, and replacing them with timed digital sampling systems.  Now they behave well, when programmed well, just like analog needle and clip.

Are you sure about that? I have never heard of anyone getting even close to the 100 mi range on a stock MX tank. I could barely squeeze out 100 mi on my 3.3 gal tank on my old WR450 in fast dez conditions.

Certainly possible. 


I have 2 DRZs in addition to my new (to me) WR450. One of the DRZs is a steel tank bike with a CV carb (for emissions) and the other is a plastic tank model (off road -- with an FCR 39 Keihin) and both get between 40 and 60 mpg. Both are geared the same -- which is a bias towards off road riding. 


I ride with a couple of CRF450x guys and they generally calculate their reserve using 40 mpg.

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