"01" WR 426 Tank /seat Swap

Is it possible to install the new "03,04" WR :excuseme:tank seat and radiator shrowds on my 2001 426???

Tried to fit the WR IMS tank/seat that fit my 98' WR400, and later 02'WR426, to the 03'WR450. No way... Different seat length (longer in 03') and a revised position of the saddle post on the tank nixed that $ saving plan.

It should be possible, but will require a lot of work and $$$. There are some that have done the new YZF set-up, but it requires the tank, shrouds, seat, subframe, airbox, side panels, rear fender, and minor frame modifications. Possible exhaust mods too.

I decided it was cheaper to go to a Zipty fuel tank and YZF seat. :)

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