flywheel problems

I had just replaced my timing chain. set my timing right, put it back together and I didn't have spark, which I did prior to the new timing chain. I pulled my flywheel back off and noticed there are 2 pretty good gouges in the inside part which is the magnet. can those gouges stop me from getting spark. these are not scratches in the mag. I looks like someone at one time stuck something in the 2 holes on the flywheel and tried to pry it off. the stator itself looks good. no damage.  thanks


What year/model, please?

2005 Yamaha yz 450f

Thinking of the flywheel as a disc with a cylindrical ring on it that houses magnets, the gouges are on the disc surface, or on the interior surface of the ring, scarring the magnets?


No marks of any sort on the stator?

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