Java script error - Help!!

I used to hang out here quite a bit until TT made a bunch of changes to the site. For many months now I get the same error message every time I view a page. (see below) I have to click OK 3 times and then it goes away and loads the pages fine???

I'm hoping someone with more brain cells than me will have pity and tell me how to fix it. I need to keep up with changes to decide If I'll give up my trusty 02 450 for a CRF 250?

What does this mean, it only happens on this site?

Java Script Error

Description: invalid character



what version of what browser are you running?

I just installed Norton Internet Security and now get the same thing. I have never got it i the past and been using it for years.

I used to get the samething I just did a windows update make sure you up date your browser explorer is a brower or navigator for instance but you will im sure find the fix on microsofts wed sight good luck. :):D :D :D :D

Same as all of the above...Most likely, you may have an issue with your browser, java version, or a software firewall that is blocking java script. As mentioned, try the Windows Update...if that doesn't work, install Linux, and run a Mozilla browser :)

Thanks guys, turning off Norton did the trick. Is there some way to fiddle with the settings so it still scans for viruses but won't block Java script. I have the Norton "personal firewall" disabled because I have a wireless network router and was told that acts as a firewall.

Also the blinking icon says I have two private messages, but they don't show up in my message list.

Dirt bikes and machinery I understand, computers and people baffle me. :)

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