Valve Guides

This is my first post and unfortunatly it is because something with my bike has gone way wrong, hope you guys can help. I found out the hard way that my bike has one of the failing camchain tensioners, exaust valves meet piston, exaust valves lose. Luckly this happened upon startup, so there was no damage to lower end, just to broken valves and valve guides. However, my shop is having one hell of a time getting the new valve guides in place. They say the replacement ones are to large for the opening, they checked several times with Suzuki and they say they come oversized due to galling when removed? They are also having a hard time recutting the valve seats. Now they are almost at the point of selling me a new head at cost. Is this bikes head that difficult to work on? Any suggestions? Thanks

you need to find a qualified shop.theres no reason for them to be having trouble.

your correct,at this point it probably needs a head if they have been cutting on the seats crooked.they dont have the guides in straight.the seats could be replaced,but a head isnt that bad.

have they been heating the head up in a oven?

Oven? are you being sarcastic? or is that something they would do, if so, for what? I have had this shop rebuild two topends for me on other bikes and have had no problems. Nobodys perfect I guess. New head sounds expensive.

not being sarcastic!the head needs to be heated to about 350 degrees in order to get the guides in and out.if they are not doing this,run far away from that shop.they have no business doing that kind of work.

the guides are a interference fit.heating the head expands the aluminum so the guides will slide in nicley.putting the guides in the freezer over night aids in this also.

Every day I realise how little I know about bikes.

Any body want to know anything about large format digital printing?

Thought so. :)

what year model bike do you have ??

My wife looked at me funny one time when she found my bike's wheel bearings in the freezer in a ziplok bag :)

It goes back to that science experiment we all did in Jr. High involving heating up the loop and freezing the ball. Viola, the ball fits through the loop due to expansion/contraction.

I think that shop should eat it and give you a new head for the cost of some valve guides and seat cutting if they ruined your old one.

My bike is a 00 model. Thanks for the head in the oven explaination, that makes sence. I guess I'll ask the guys if they thought of doing this, but at this point I believe they have butched up my head to the point of no return. Should have come here first, seems like I always learn these things the hard and expensive way. Thanks again. And EVERYBODY GET A MANUAL CAMCHAIN TENSIONER. I got one from APE, the hyabusa one fits.

Thanks again. And EVERYBODY GET A MANUAL CAMCHAIN TENSIONER. I got one from APE, the hyabusa one fits

been all over it for a long time.i bought all the suzuki ones to figure out the busa one was it.

sorry to hear about your ordeal.they owe you a head!

If they talk you into a new head (you might be better off after they had it) let me know, I might buy the old head from you.

If you go with the new head, check at to see if the price is in the ballpark.

If they runed your head they should be buying a new head not you.... :)

these guys can fix it.but the cost may be the same as a new head by time they are done.give them a call.they have saved a few heads i thought were beyond repair.

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