tacho / damper / gp shift ???

ok here are some odd questions


anyone put a tach on their baby ? or know how to rig one up ?


is a steering damper ever needed ?


has anyone heard of a a gp shift for this bike ?


anyone know where i can get stiffer springs front and rear ?

if these questions all seem a bit bizarre thats because i/m roadracer and will race it w/17" rims and slicks

thks for any help


GP: There's no shift linkage, how could you reverse it?

Tach: A tach should be easy-negative side of the coil.

Damper: A damper is a good idea- Scotts

Springs/Suspension: PPS (my favorite), Race Tech, Taxxion(excellent work), Yamaha, White Bros and a million other guys

You should also get a decent set of hand guards to protect your levers when you pitch it

[ January 01, 2002: Message edited by: fastkevin ]

well if no-ones done it, id put a gear wheel on the shaft and another gear wheel next to it, the 2nd gear wheel has a shaft for the gear lever

i will put on a slightly longer gear lever, i can also gear the wheels so the throw of the longer lever is abou the same

because you need everyhting in approx the same place linkages would,t work too well as you need to length to make a linkage work in an acceptable fashion

I put my Vantage Graphing meter on just to play around and used the inductive pickup to see how fast they ran. Suprised to see idle around 1800rpm. Meter only went up to 10,000rpm so i didnt see the peak. :)

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