mojave riding

years back i did some riding near Randsberg moved to south orange county and haven't been back to mojave. i want to take my 10yr old (very accomplished rider) out that way and into randsberg. any suggestion as to where i should stage, cal city etc...?

You could stage at Wagon Wheel near Ridgecrest...several camping spots along Garlock Road or Cal City.

You might try posting this on the "Southwest" Ride forum. :)


I am the president of Rattlers MC, a small family oriented dirt bike club based in the San Fernando Valley. Our club rides exstensively in the area you are referring to. Since you are traveling such a far distance, my reccomendation might be for you initially to try the Cal City area. If you want to ride to Randsburg I would camp at the location known as Camp B. If you provide me your email address I would be happy to let you know the next time our club is headed out there and you would be welcome to join us. It always helps to get the lay of the land from somebody who is familiar with the territory. If you want to travel a little farther my personal favorite area is farther North near Searles Rd. on Highway 395. From there too, you can easily ride into Randsburg for lunch at the saloon. Always be cautious of mine shafts when riding in the Western Mojave, be respectful of trail closures, and please leave your camp cleaner than you found it!! HAVE A GREAT RIDE!!

thanks for the info..i'll look up those areas.

I camp and ride in Cal City a lot and I would suggest anywhere off of 20 Mule Team Road (between Cal City and 395). Camp B is located in this area on the north side. You could really camp anywhere in this area and be fine and have privacy if you choose. Silver Saddle (I think that's the name) resort is in this area and may help as a landmark on the map. Plenty of marked trails on the north side which will help to get you to Randsburg. Like Buzzard said, watch out for mine shafts the closer you get to Randsburg. Good luck and have fun.

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