Southern California - Where to ride?

I grew up in Pennsylvania and have been riding bikes and quads forever (more experience on quads though). I had a 2001 Honda 400EX that I used to take out to Glamis just about every other weekend in 2002 but have since sold it.

Back when we had the quads, we didn't know of many places to ride. I was unaware that you could ride bikes/quads on the US Forest Service roads. I was off-roading with the Southern California Hummer club on a trail called White Mountain Trail (from Hesperia up to Big Bear) and there were a ton of bikes riding these roads! Is there anywhere I can get more info about them? What's the deal with BLM Public Land? Is this open to ride? Where can I ride in Southern California, and where can't I ride (what's legal and what's not)? I remember a few months ago I was driving east on the 91 and noticed a ton of bikes riding some trails alongside the freeway. Is this legal? If so, where do you park and unload?

I have one more problem, I DON'T HAVE A BIKE IN CA NOW! Anyone know of anywhere I should be looking?

If ur lookin for a used bike try the cycle trader or a new bike try motoworld of el cajon :)

I was unaware that you could ride bikes/quads on the US Forest Service roads.

Don't believe it. You must be street legal to ride the large majority of Forest Service roads in the San Bernardino mountains.

So if you've got a dual sport with a plate or a street legal quad (is there such a thing?) you're good to go :)

John Burrs had some new 2002 XR650R's for $4900 OTD. Talk to Nick. :)

I have seen the plave off the 91, and that is cloce to me. would also like to know where to stage.... and what off ramp it was

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