2012 wr450 19" or 18" paddle for sand dunes?

I'm getting an extra rim and paddle set up for the sand dunes. Would a 19" wheel and paddle be better than the stock 18" set up? What are some thoughts on this? Of course, I will stick with an 8 paddle tire for some wheel spin.

I use an 18" and it works fine. The only potential advantage I see is possibly the tiny extra bit of flotation you might get from the extra thickness of an 18" but otherwise the only difference is size options with different brands for 18 vs. 19. I think there is more available for the 19.

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an 18 has a small enough carcass that it is a bitch to put on (if you do your own tires), and I can only imagine a 19 is worse... my $0.02

They are both really tough to put on.  I willingly sacrifice the skin on my hands to save the $20 the local place wants to mount it, but this year if I go to big dunes...I don't know.  It is a huge PITA.  Easier coming off though.

If it will be strictly used for dunes then I would say a 19" just because it's a bit lighter and you will have more tire options. Either will do you fine though.

Thanks for all your input. I ended up getting a 19" wheel with a paddle from craigslist for a hundred bucks. It didn't come with sprocket or disc. I have an extra sprocket and will get the stock rotor from eBay. Not bad for about 150 bucks. Will give some feedback after I ride in the dunes with my new setup.

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