Cycra "Pro" hand guards

Doing some mods (what a shock!)- got a quick question on these hand guards; Looks like I need to drill out the inside of the plastic throttle- to slip the Cycra expansion insert in there. Want to be sure before I start drilling... anyone do these already?

CUT them!

And slide the throttle in 1/8"+ so it doesn't give you cruise control. Also, angle the guard bars down at least 10 deg. from level. I had mine level and barked a tree hard. The guard rotated up, with the throttle.

Instant WFO :)

Luckily only broke toes and brake pedal.


Seems weird the clutch handle end is too close to the guard, I'll likely file down the end of the lever so it doesn't get stuck at some unopportune time... "can't get no power Captian!"

Adios from Hollister,



Just curious- does your Husabusa have the airfilter in the frame?



It's right under the fuel tank Mike- the airbox sits on top of the fuel injection. (on my 01 and 03)

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