Bottoming out

I kept thinking that I heard a noise when landing hard/bottoming out off of a jump this past weekend. Normal? Abnormal? Only happened twice. Wasn't really that loud. I also ride an 03 KX250 and have never heard anything when jumping hard on it. Does this sound possible? Impossible? Could it just be my imagination? Didn't know if it was a characteristic of the Showa suspension. I am by no means a pro, I tend to land flat and hard off of jumps or with the rear wheel landing first. I find myself jumping a little further and harder on the CRF than with my KX also (the CRF is confidence inspiring), so maybe I'm not used to hearing anything. I'm a previous Wood's rider, and have only been riding MX for about a year. Any comments would be greaty appreciated.


I heard a sound like that this weekend, it was the chain. My bad for leaving the stock "taffy" chain on the bike for two weekends! :) D.I.D. ERT will be on it shortly. :D

Kind of a clank? Maybe? It did sound like it was coming from the rear.

My first thought was broken spoke! :) But when I checked them in the pits everything was fine. I didn't figure it out until I let a buddy ride the bike and I could see( and hear) the problem. :D

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