Where/how can I buy just ONE spoke?

My local Honda shop couldn't seem to help me out- they pretty much told me I'd have to buy a whole new spoke kit. I just broke one, so I sure hope I can buy just one. They are Excell spokes for an 18" rim. I'm not sure if I need the longer or shorter spoke- I broke an inside spoke. Thanks for help.

first of all you need to find a dealer if they told you that.....go to serviceHonda.com if there is some stuff u need OEM

I think your dealership was trying to make a buck! Western honda is also a great place to order OEM parts. I keep all 4 spare spokes, all bought individually.

Part#06421-MEB-750 is the left, inner

Part#06420-KZ4-J40 is the right, inner

The inner spokes seem to break easiest, good luck! :)

Worst case, if you CAN'T find anyone that sells single spokes -

Go to a KTM dealer. Or, go to KTMtalk.com and look up a front spoke on the microfisches. KTM does sell single spokes.

Sweet, thanks. Are those part numbers for OEM spokes? I need Excell spokes for the 18" rim. That's a good idea to keep spares around. I'll probably order a couple of each. Do you think any of the big retailers (Motosport Outlet, Rocky Mountain, etc.) would sell the individuals? (too late to call tonight)

You can get the stock ones from Service Honda, but you do have the Excel Spokes so try this guys:


(209) 368-9800 (CA)(TRC Wheel Lacing)




I have some spokes too(extra's).....I'll look to see what I have when the sun comes up and the kids are off to school. :D Which is it: the inner or outer on that 18" wheel? :)

Nope I don't have those ones......sorry!! :)

OK, here's what I found out. Maybe it will be helpful to someone...

I spoke with th guys at TCR wheel lacing. They said they don't use Excell spokes and that basically they are junk- although Excell is trying to make it so their wheels HAVE to use Excell spokes by sizing the nipple holes so only theirs will fit :)

TCR suggested I call Excell directly, which I did (760-732-3161). They were helpful enough and sold me some individuals at $3 apiece. No warranty on the spokes themselves.

I'm now sorry I didn't buy the Buchannon spokes. I've bent and flat-spotted my share of rims but never broken a spoke (I only weigh 155). I've had the excell spokes just a few months and already one snapped. Hopefully it's not a sign of things to come.

I'd find a new parts guy, or politely suggest he look at the quanity required column on his microfiche. Honda doesn't sell spokes in complete sets even if you want them, you just buy 32 or 36 as the case may be. Sounds like the parts guy you talked to is new to Honda and has worked in blue/green/yellow shops too long.

to use Excell spokes by sizing the nipple holes so only theirs will fit

I found this out months ago when I was builting a wheel for a friend. Not Honda or Buchanan fit White Brothers.

I'm now sorry I didn't buy the Buchannon spokes.

I know I've said this about a dozen times, but here it goes again......Excel Rim, Buchanan Over-Sized Spokes with Spline Drive Nipples and Talon Hub. A bit of money to spend, but all cost about the same(whole wheel set-ups).

When did Excel start doing this? I've used their rims in the past on older bikes and the stock spokes fit just fine :) I will have to keep this in mind when I go to buy a new rim...my front rim is getting a lot of flat spots.

My local Honda shop couldn't seem to help me out- they pretty much told me I'd have to buy a whole new spoke kit.

I would definitely find another shop to go to. Hasn't mattered what shop I went to, they always asked me how many I needed and is it inside or outside....although I can't say for sure about Yami/Kawi/Suzuki, I've only owned Honda's. But I've been to places like Cycle Gear and they've asked me how many, etc...these are probably better places to go anyway cause they seem to be cheaper. Just a thought.

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