hmmm, do I feel lucky?

had to try it in the snow today; those M12's just hook up so nice in the mud; gotta get some traction in the white stuff.. right???


actually I was pretty chicken, rode to the end of the block and back and got stuck a couple of times; the snow in the street was up well over a foot deep in places

Good stuff. I plan on doing the same this year as well.

Soon as we actually get some snow.

Next time go a little farther :)

Hey :canada:nice flag


That looks insanely fun. How fast does it go in the snow? :)

It would be a riot :)

The website has some FAQ's and one of them is about howfast will it go?

They say it depends on the bike used, rider ability blah blah...and that its designed for agility and fun, well just like our trail bikes really :D

Here is the website

Newmanr19, the neighbors must have thought you were crazy :D

Last winter i rode my bike over town here, the locals are still talking about it, i only did it once just for the pure halibut, the road looked clear on the overpass but what i thought at first was clutch slip was the rear tire spinning on the ice :)

I have a neighbor who took his CR450F out the other day; there was a lot less snow on the ground but I could hear him for about an hour just ripping up and down the streets. He's nuts; but he also races pro GP and MX's.

My buddy and I are planning a short snow trip on the bikes. there is 3-5 feet about 20 minutes up the road. Will be fun to carve out a little coarse and take some fun pictures. So did the MT21's perform in the white stuff? Your the first person Ive heard say the MT21 did well in the mud :)

they did ok on the grass (my neighbor is gonna be mad at me when the snow thaws), but not so well on the pavement as you might expect. I think they do ok in the mud; at least compared to other off-road tires I have owned but admitedly I probably don't have as much experience with a lot of different tires as some here do.


He was talking about the M12 Michelin. M21's suck in the mud!! :)

oh right.. good catch; I'd agree the Pirelli MT21 is not a great mud tire; I have them mounted on my XR650L. The MT21 is a great DOT knobby, but the non DOT Michelin M12's do way better in most off-road situations; except maybe hard pack gravel stuff where the taller knobs make things a little squirly.

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