How to track Maintenance Intervals on WR450?

FWIW, I do the same thing you do on all my bikes and keep detailed notes in the back of my owner's manual for each.  For the WR, I've always used the trip B noting the mileage between oil changes, swing arm greasing, etc..... which works fine until you disconnect the battery or rollover the miles through a 1000 and have to add to the last interval (PITA).  In retrospect, I'd do the hour meter.  Btw, did you give the Flatland Racing bash plate a look? 


I did look at them. They dont make one (yet), but they have an offer on the table if you live in / near Kansas.  See that thread...

I bought the Hardline non-resettable hour / tach meter, and tank mount, from Amazon.


I want to track usage time without possibility of losing the accumulated total time. So, non-resettable...

Trip B doesn't reset with lost power ( dead battery or removed ). However trip A and Clock will.

Expensive, but I have one of these on my '05



Flashes for air filter at 5 hrs, oil at 10 hrs, valve check at 20 hrs.  Counts down to each so you know how long to next service for each item. Reset each after service with long button press. 


Also has permanent non resettable total hours and tach.

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