Hey guys! I would like to spice up my bike a little bit by polishing the metal on the frame....swing arm...etc. I have a lot of questions for you before I would even think about tackling this project.

1. What all exactly can I polish....i.e....engine? Parts of engine? swingarm? frame? pegs? etc.

2. HOW exactly do you polish metal...need DETAILED procedure....sand paper?....what grit? buffing after I'm done?

3. What exactly do I put on it after I'm done? Mother's polish? Clear coat? what kind if any? How often to put Mother's on if needed?

4. ANY other info you have....can you please send me?

5. any pictures of all polished frames?

Thanks alot guys and sorry for so many questions but I would really like to do this as a fun project and need all the info I can get. :)

While recovering from an injury, I've had a lot of time to do all sorts of maintenace and tinkering with my bike. One of the things I did was polish the oil filter cover and clutch cover. Both of which now have a mirror finish and the "YAMAHA" on the clutch cover is painted black. Looks very good if I do say so myself.

Polishing: Almost all types of metal can be poiished. One thing to remember is that once it is polished, it requires care to keep the shine. Aluminum will oxidize just as a piece of raw steel will rust. Anyone who has owned a set of Weld wheels or other high poilshed aluminum wheels knows how much care it takes to keep the shine.

To begin, I removed the paint with aerosol paint stripper that you can buy at a local auto parts store. Next I wet sanded the parts with 1500 grit sand paper. I then polished the metal with two different grades of steel wool. The final polish was done with Mother's Aluminum polish. The parts now have a shine that you can comb your hair in, not a single scratch.

I can't wait until I get well so that I can go scratch them all up!!!!

I did the swingarm on a bike once. It looked like chrome. I used a die grinder with a scotchbrite pad to remove the anodizing. You can start out with a red one (medium grit) to get through the finish and then use a grey one (very fine) to bring out a polished look. I used an electric drill with a 5" lambswool buffing pad and Simichrome to give it the chrome finish. It looked unbelievable.

But I'll never do it again. After 10 minutes riding off road, it needed to be re-polished due to scratches. Constant polishing was necessary to keep it from looking terrible. A *LOT* of work is the norm with something like that. Be prepared.

The steel frame won't look good polished since you'll have to clear coat it to keep it from corroding. The clear coat will rub off and flake and will detract from the look. Plus, it'll be hell to polish since tubing is round with very few flat surfaces. You can do the subframe but that's about it besides the engine parts.

I was just tearing my beast down to do the winter maint. thing and decided to polis the swingarm.

I am fixin my friends 2smoke pipe in xchange for a polish job.!!!!(I mean he has polished my swingarm/framegaurd/chainguide)

He started with his swingarm on his xr400 and left his bike at his friends house , came back 2 days later and had nearly everything on it polished! Looks pretty TRICK!

He even did the kickstarter and rear brake gaurd!

I took the back end of my bike apart, sanded the crap off of the outside and top of the swingarm off w/palm sander and 400grit. He polished it w/air polisher and it came out awesome! I need to finish w/Mothers but looks great as is now!

I am going to have him do my 3clamps while they are off too.


my bike is in a couple of heaps in the garage.

Heap 1.........plastics

Heap 2.........rear end stuff

Heap 3.........frame and 50hp sittin' on top of crate!!!!!!

Good reason to do bearings while at it!

Anyone put grease zirks in the suspension/rear???

Any suggest??????

Nearly all of the bearings in the linkage were (not siezed) but very hard to turn in that CRAP that Yammy calls lubrication!

That crap is GONE! :)


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It wont let me view the pix

It says forbidden.

The same thing I tell my wife and kids about my bike and she returns the favor with her CHASTITY belt!!!!!!! :):D

I can't believe anyone would want to polish their dirtbike. Sure it will look good, but once you get it muddy, it will look like crap.

My street bike has every (I repeat, every) bit of aluminum polished. And street grime and dust alone make it hard to manage. I couldn't imagine having to deal with mud, rocks, get offs, etc.


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