OT: McGrath Book

Has anyone else bought this yet? I just got mine from the local Barnes and Noble. Not too bad!

What's the main topic? Is it a how to ride, or a biography, etc?

I am about 1/2 way through it. It is a biography. Lots of funny stories, but a decent read. The guy really sounds pretty normal despite his fame.

My wife picked it up for me as a suprise and I knocked it out in two days. I really enjoyed, wished it was longer. Had me walking down memory lane regarding my childhood. Great read for any moto enthusiast.

WHats the name of the book, it sounds like something i should pcik up!

WIDE OPEN A Life in Supercross

Pretty good read so far. Yea, He seems like a regular kid so far in the book, He just rides a little bit faster :)

Does it talk about him getting knocked out by Gene Neumac?

or how rude he really is when the camera isn't around(personal experience)

or how rude he really is when the camera isn't around(personal experience)

Like all people in the spotlight, I am sure it can sometimes be a burden, I also would suspect for every negative run in with a fan there are positive experiences with fans. My daughter and her friend (9 and 12) approached MC at Mammoth last year and he was totally great. Signed some shirts and hats. My son (6) found out about it and my wife took him over and he was again very nice. In the 30 pro class, my daughter was pit boarding him (jokingly) with "smiley faces" "go" "MC #1" ect.. and he went out of his way to swing his head WAY OVER to read their board evey lap and talked to them after the race.

I am sorry for your bad experience.

Just my $.02

I am sure they all have their moments..however, that being said, I really slowed down his autograph line at the last supercross race in SLC. The kids are standing right by him, I raise the camera up, and ...nothing. Damn battery was dead.

I had a spare, but I did not have the guts to pull it out. I stood looking at the kids and Jeremy like a fool.

He calmly says....Dad, do you need me to fix that? Everyone started laughing. I got my picture.

Still, as far as cool people at the races go, David Villimin is number one.

I finished the book today. Overall, I am impressed with it. A person should buy it because I would love to see more books published on Motorcycles in general. If your a supercross fan, the book is manditory due to the behind the scenes stories.

There are pages throughout the book explaining the "basics" of racing. I found those to be a little bit odd and out of place.

He does not get graphic, but it sounds like he enjoyed sex quite a bit. I am not sure I would let my 10 year old read the book until I ripped a few pages out of it.

I thought Jeremy was pretty nice last year in Vegas when I got his autograph. About the nicest pro I have met is Steve Hatch. He was at the National Enduro here in Colorado this year. The guy will talk to anyone that wants to and he always has a smile on his face. He went up to a few kids and talked to them.

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