Should I get a CRF450?

Hey out there, I am looking for some imput! I am currently riding an uncorked XR400. I am looking to replace it with something alot lighter and faster. I usually ride in the So Cal mountains and in when I get time I head out to Laughlin NV. Do you think that the CRF450 is going to be too much bike for single track riding? I know it will fair well in the Nevada desert. Any comments or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Also, how many miles can you get out of one tank of gas? I currently am getting 80-100 miles out of one tank. Thanks in advance.


The CRF can be used for single track/woods riding but needs some mods before it's fun to ride. Stock, the flywheel is too light, the tank is too small, the suspension is too stiff, first gear is too tall, the muffler is too loud and it needs a real skid plate if you're going to ride rocks at all. I'm sure you'll get 50 million different opinions but for me I got a Trail Tech +11oz flywheel, Clarke 3.3 gallon gas tank, Works Connection radiator guards, SRC skid plate, Scotts shark fin, Big Gun Quiet Core muffler, Factory Connection suspension, gripper seat, ProTaper bars, Cycra hand guards and geared it way down. Now the bike is great in the woods but would not work well in the desert due to my low gearing. Stock you'll be out of gas in around 50 miles. Now I can do around 80 or so. I really want an electric starter and a wide ratio tranny. If I was you, I'd take a hard look at a KTM 450 or 525 EXC. That way you'd have a green sticker as well.

Wait for the crf450x!! :)

Having had a WR 426, I would say look toward that line. My $.02.


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