2010 yoshi map?

So I just bought a 2010 yz450f with a Yoshimura slip on. I was told the bike was mapped with the jay marmont and its actually quite nice higher in the rps but off idle its so abrupt like its either on or off its rather annoying and takes clutch work in the pits to go slow. is that just a 2010 characteristic i should just get used to (coming off an 07 250f) or is it a mapping issue.

With the 2010, the abrupt off-idle response is rooted in the throttle body.  Reading through the injection map DB, you'll note some users found "some" improvement by remapping, but overall, the best way to address the matter is to send your throttle body out for modification by Injectioneering.

Have injectioneering modify your throttle body. It will smooth out the on/off feel off idle-1/4 throttle and actually make it pull better.

Stock map on the 2010 with the Yoshi pipe. I like an easy to ride hit and for me, the stock map with the Yoshi slip-on (on my '11) was the perfect motor. I liked it better than I do my '14, considerably better in fact.


I bought the Yoshi slip on for my '14 and have had a lot of trouble finding a sweet spot. I am back to the stock pipe now, still scratching my head, wishing I had my 2011 motor and tranny back :(

are the stock maps the same between the two?

Yes and no.  All stock maps show as all zeros on the tuner, but that doesn't mean they are the same.  The maps vary from year to year, and the '14, being so much more powerful, would certainly be different.  

All 0's is going to be stock on both bikes though. If you can get your hands on a tuner, just throw all 0's in there and give it a shot. Yoshi did a great job with that pipe for that bike. Not so much on the newer one unfortunately and I have yet to find a good map for it. It's either too lean on the bottom, or hit's too hard. The power on my '11 had what I felt was the perfect curve. 


The new motor coupled with the new 3rd gear is just a bit off for me. I'm sure I'll get it dialed in at some point.

yeah the jay marmont really seems to lack in the low rpms once past the off idle surge anyway

That map was liked by a lot of people, but only with the stock pipe. 

That map was liked by a lot of people, but only with the stock pipe.

yeah Im currently not a big fan of its delivery but i need more time on the bike. Today was my first day at the track, I just got the suspension set up

coming off a carb bike to efi it will take a little bit of getting used to. the throttle has no delay. ive got a 2011 with full yoshi. the aggressive(marmont) map does the same thing to me, but sometimes its a good thing. i got the less hit map off mxa website and have been running that at most tracks and overall its a gradual power build up and doesnt spin the rear tire as much out of corners.

    fi                  ig 

000               000

200              -100

400              -300

or you could try their smooth map

550               000

571               0-50

572              -3-40

you could also try changing your tps a degree or two

yeah the less hit map will be my first try.

And the fi is completely different! especially from a badly jetted 250f to a FI 450

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