Installation of Comp ECU on 2012 WR450F

Does anyone have any tips or warnings as to what I might encounter when I install the GYTR comp ECU on my WR450F.  Should I disconnect the battery first?  Will the map on the new ECU run with the standard exhaust set up and/or the FMF power core4 without any changes via a power tuner?  Ordered the tuner but it won't be here for a week and I want to ride over the weekend. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I put mine on with the fmf powercore 4. I Havent messed with it at all, but it ran fine when I took it out. It does like to back fire a little more though. But Im sure the programmer will fix it. The only thing I noticed when I installed mine was that the rubber boot that holds it in was PITA to put back over the new ecu

Wrong forum, not an engineering question.  Moved.

NO, you don't have to disconnect the battery but you should have the engine button turned off.  The comp. ecu should work fine with the stock muffler.  Actually, it should run better.

Just turn the bike off first, no need to disconnect the battery etc. You'll be ok with stock exhaust etc, I was in the same boat as you when I got my bike, they had the ECU in stock, but had to wait several weeks to get the GYTR tuner and I rode anyway. The bike will run ok, just be ideal on the FI tuning. I found it to be a bit abrupt for tight woods where I ride, more open terrain you probably wouldn't notice so much.


So just go ride and have fun on it, and realize it will only get better when you get the tuner and can dial it in properly. It's a pretty big difference between a bone stock bike and one with the ECU, tuner and exhaust: more power everywhere, but also more tractable and manageable.

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