lost oil! HELP!

Went on a ride 120 miles round trip on my 2013 wr450f and topped it out a couple times but just took it their and let off, but what the dealer told me the problem was, that when i did over a mile long wheelie over a lake bed, oil was coming out of the breather it was about 1/3rd of a quart low i didn't continue the ride once i saw the oil all over the bike and that i was low i stopped..... ok, ANY way to fix it? i didn't know i couldn't wheelie my dirt bike other wise i probably wouldn't of bought it. bike still runs fine with great power no smoke outta the pipe or anything like that just oil filled my air box and got all over. HELP>>>> PLEASE>>>>THANKS 

Uh, yeah, you can't do that on most modern stock 4 stroke motorcycle without that problem.

Oil has to get up there and cycle back down into the motor.

When you put the motor at such and extreme for such a long period of time, you are forcing oil to travel the wrong direction; out the breather tube.


What you need to do is re-route the breather tube to a much higher location, so it will always be above the motor.


You can create a long 'snake' of a tube, running up over the motor, then back down near the left side front, like a KX 250/450.


Or you can do something like this:





or like this



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Cool to wheelie that far....but yeah not good for keeping engine oil in the engine.

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