Best Nintendo Gameqube Motorcyle Game?

Any opinions? The only one my son has is RC Superfly. It's OK...I suppose.

Dust off the old regular Nintendo (NES) and put in Excitebike. Easily one of the best games ever!

I'm, not a freestyle fan at all, but MX freakstyle is a pretty cool game. The superfly game is not to great IMO.


My nephew has the Jeremy McGrath motocross game. I can't speak to how it compares to the others, but it is way better the the McGrath game for the N64 (which sucked).

mx super fly the best for motocross,and yes atv fury,all playstation but its the best :)

also on mx super fly, :):D yes the crf 450

why would you buy a gamecube in the first place :)

Just kidding

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