XR250 spark arrestor core/baffle

<font color="navy">Hey all! If any of you have either replaced your 1996 or later XR250 exhaust system, or "upgraded" the muffler by replacing the spark arrenstor tip/baffle with an aftermarket unit, I sure would be interested in your stock pieces. I recently purchased an '96 XR250 that the previous owner installed an aftermarket spark arrestor on and it's too loud for where I ride. I'd be interested in purchasing the stock spark arrestor core and baffle from someone or trading this aftermarket one (msrp $99) for the stock pieces (if you don't mind increasing the noise on your bike). Let me know...

it wouldnt fit older bikes would it?? lol

Nope, sorry. 1996 and up...

Does your bike have the stock spark arrestor with an after market baffle such as the white brothers vortip or the baja baffle?

Here is a link to an exploded view of the stock exhaust system.

I suspect that you have part number 4 with a different baffle than part number 5. If this is the case you could remove the after market baffle and replace it with a stock one. If I were you I would keep the after market baffle for use away from people and replace it with the stock diffuser for use where it counts.

Hope this helps. :)

<font color="navy">Unfortunately, the previous owner removed BOTH the spark arrestor (part number 4) and baffle (part number 5) replacing them with the single aftermarket arrestor tip (still USFS approved, but LOUD!). That's why I'm looking for a stock arrestor core (part number 4) and baffle (so I can mod per Gordon mods) or after-market baffle. As you can see from the prices on that list, it's not cheap to go new ($150+ for both parts)... Even going through Baja Designs is not any easier on the wallet!

I have a stock exhaust from an '03 XR250 if you are interested. Small scratch on the outboard part of it, but nothing major. I put on a tunable exhaust and can adjust the sound to where I am riding so I have no need for it anymore.

<font color="navy">Yes, I'm interested... I'll send you a PM with contact info!

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