Dual Sport Riding near Sydney Aus?

3 of us are in Sydney Australia until March 4th. Is there a place that we can rent some dual sport bikes (street legal), that are small enough (DRZs would be great) for us to hit some local fire roads/trails with?

We found a place on the web in Sydney (North Rocks) that rents bikes and gear (not sure if any of then bikes are dual sported).

We are looking to go on some fun day-rides. Nothing too hard, some of us haven't been in the dirt for a looong time, and we need to be able to work the next day.

Any idea for rentals/ rides?

Any Americans that need a helping hand for some Australian goods??

Hi Toms, unfortunately I don't have a lot of info on rent-a-bikes to give you but I KNOW the guys at http:\\dirtbikeworld.net will. That's an australian site... you can also ask about joining a ride through that site, we run them all the time :D

As for places to go, you're looking at about an hour and a half from the centre of Sydney to ride, but there's a LOT of options. The nearest good place is called The Watagan's (Watagan State Forest), that's 1 - 1.5 hours north of Sydney. See the map here for more info.

There's also a place called Menai, which is right on the outskirts of the suburbs (south west I think?) that is very popular with 'weekend warriors' and a dangerous place to be on weekends.

Other than that, Sunny Corner (2 hours west) and Belanglow & Nowra (south) are other options. All these places can be as hard or easy as you want :D My best suggestion is to join a ride from Dirtbikeworld.net and get a 'guided tour' :)

Have fun!

actually have thought of bringing my wife over to Oz to join one of these guided tour, but my wife don't know how to ride.

it will be a fun experiences for both of us if we get a chance to go.

Yes of course guided tours are another way to go :) There's usually provision for hiring a bike from the operator so that would make things a lot simpler.

Close to Sydney, the only tour operator I know of is Watagan's Trail Bike Tours (http://www.eatmydirt.com.au/press/may/watagans_trail_bike__tours.htm - out of date webpage). If you're not stuck in Sydney there's a huuuge number to choose from :D Most cater for a range of abilities and tailor the ride to suit so be sure to let them know when enquiring to avoid getting stuck on an uncomfortable ride :D

Btw, found a place that hires out bikes: http://home.kooee.com.au/rentabike/adventure.html

Newcastle is about 2 hours from Sydney... and close to a LOT of riding.

Another link you might find useful:

http://www.dropbears.com/bikelinks/rentals.htm :D

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