Flywheel mod.

What are the exact dimensions of a cut flywheel with 16 ounces shaved off?

Also is 16 ounces too much too shave off? When i take off the left cover will i need a new gasket? also do i drain the oil.

:D :D :D:):D

I have no idea, no, yes, and yes.

Well im not going to be getting a new gasket so i will have to use the one that is on there now so i really didnt even have to ask that. I hope someone can answer my first question. The guy that is doing it does not have a scale that will measure ounces or even a scale to measure lbs. I need to know the radius or diameter of a shaved flywheel. :D:):D

When the flywheel is out and in the lathe its very clear where you stop cutting. As to exact weight? Dont worry! :D

I have done mine twice and both times when I went to weigh it on the little kitchen scales I was caught........... Still waiting to get caught with parts in the oven heating them up or bike in lounge hardening paint on a cold day. :)

22 oz is what I have seen as being the norm shaved on these.

check the mods section for pics

bbrmotorsports shaves off 16.5. I need to know the measurement so i can mark it on the flywheel and then let my friend shave it until there. He said he will not do it unless he knows where to stop. If anyone knows please reply. :D :D :)

Measure 1/16" out from step on the fly wheel (you will see what I mean when you pull yours). Cut to that line, then face off the balance of that step to the rest of the flywheel. I did two myself and they were a piece of cake. The hardest part is not cutting into the Rotor.

No 16 ozs is not too much and by following these guidelines you get right at or just over 16 ozs.

No, if your careful on removal, you should not have to change the gasket.

No, if you lay the bike over on the right hand side, you will not need to drain the oil. Just put the cover back on while you are having the work done and you can then leave the bike upright.

Remember to clean, torque, & locktite the nut back onto the crank shaft when re-assembling the flywheel/rotor.


So i just cut off 1/16 of a inch or mark a line 1/16 of a inch from the "step" and cut till the line? :D

Thnx for all of your help everyone. :):D While i have that case off should i do anything else?

Yeah, get a new gasket. Do the job correctly the First time.

You do know you need an impact wrench and flywheel puller to get it off, right??

Yes my friend (diesel mechanic) is coming over to help me get it off. Im going to have to use the gasket because im not going to make it to the dealer. Hopefully im ordering the bbr 150 kit and the bbr swingarm. :)

1/16" from the I.D. of the outer step. Then face the step to mach the inner step.

Just cutting 1/16" off the O.D. won't make much of a change at all.

These guys arn't kidding about the impact wrench. That little baby is on there.

need a puller too.........

He is a DIESEL mechanic he has 2 impact wrenches and has a puller...thanx for all the replies :)

need a little puller........... and a gasket

You already said puller...I am using the old gasket.. :)

At least it'll be easier for you when you have to go back and replace that leaking gasket, since you'll have done it already and all. :)

You could of ordered, paid for and recieved a new $2 gasket from Yamaha of Troy by now. I don't get it. Kids.

Since when is Virginia a town in Chesapeake anyway?

I would have sent you a gasket if you asked. Also, I have a ton because I include a new set for every flywheel I cut for someone. Maybe the Diesel guy can help out with some permatex gorilla snot.

Let me know if I can help after you do it yourself. :)

Actually i couldnt have because i dont have a credit card.

And i knoe that virginia isnt in chesapeake..its called a mistake :)

Send me one.

Its on the way, wait by the mailbox.

Don't put your home address on ANY website. I read about what happens to people who do this, in the newspaper. Edit your post.

Well i guess i made another mistake. Did you really send one or are you just joking? :):D

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