450 cam mod. needing info.

Hi all, 1st post here. you guys have some awesome info.!!! I just bought the 450 cam for my 2001 426f. I was wondering what else I would need to buy to complete the swap. (other than shims) I have so far only bought the cam itself. I am buying a new perch (possibly a complete clutch system) and was wondering if i needed a compression release at all with the cam mod. I've heard that after doing the swap you can take off the compression release and put a plug there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks all, BOLT

Yep, what you heard was true :)


You have everything you need. If you want to remove the manual decomp shaft you'll need a way to plug the hole. Yamaha sells a $3 plug but there has been some problems with the plug coming out, the fit is pretty lousy.

I have been working on an aluminum blanking plug that will slip in after you remove the decomp shaft. I have 2 of the plugs installed in my bikes and sent a 3rd prototype to another member to try.

Currently I'm waiting for a CNC machine shop to make a run of 50 of the plugs and will sell them for cost to TT members. The cost will be $5 and include packaging and shipping.

I'll bump the pictures of the plugs so you can see what I'm talking about.

Also, watch the 1/2 clips in the cam bearing caps, they'll fall into the engine in a heartbeat! :)

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