Jetting on a CA XR250 with Gordon Mods

I'm on a 2001 with more or less most of the Gordon Mods - snorkel removed, iridium plug, Supertrap IDS2 Quite cor exhaust, Uni filter. I stepped up to a 125 main (122 stock in CA) and still the bike appears to run lean. Plug is just a little white and I get popping when rolling off the throttle. I have gone through the exaughst and found no leaks. The slow jet is still stock and I have adjusted the mixture. Bike more or less runs flawless, but I want to get rid of the popping. Where to go on the jets? Ride mostly at about 2,000' in Southern California. Thanks for the input!! TT rocks.

Try this: 38pilot and 135main.

That's what i run in my Keihin carb. :):D

Better yet try 45 pilot, 135 main.

This bike will run pretty good with crappy jetting, but get it right and she'll really perform and give peace of mind also.

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