Enzo Sub Tanks.......Now in your handle bars

Anybody with any knowledge or experience with Enzo Sub Tanks go to the suspension forum and check out the post where someone has made them out of his handlebars. What do these sub tanks do and what do you think of the idea of making them out of a set of bars? If these things actually work I admire the inventiveness of the guy who thought it up.

I just hope to hell that guy didnt drill his bars. If he did, they'll break.

But what he was trying to do is create a greater air space inside the fork by adding volume. The trick to making this work is regulating the air passage from the fork to the tank with some sort of valve. Ive heard of guys making them out of air control cylinders, PVC and other stuff too. All you need is a container about 65-75cc in size and the guts to drill your fork caps.... :)

Why would you need a valve to regulate the air flow? The way this guy has done it he has increased the volume of his air space in the top of his forks. Has anyone ever rode with sub tanks and do they work?

I have the real ENZO sub tanks... Man they are great :) they will be on every bike I ever have.... With the real tanks you have alot more adjustability.... But I guess they cost more than rigging something up... :D

Sounds like a good idea but I don't think the bar companies designed and stress tested for it to be a subtank. I'll just pass the guys that did this so I don't run into them after their bars split on a double landing, thank you very much.

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