2014 wr450 CA street legal

Just bought my bike. Looking to street legal in California. What are some good kits to buy and anyone have experience with dmv getting registered? Any advice helps thanks

There are some kits like the baja that you can get for the bike. I'm thinking of just doing the conversion my self. The rear light already has a brake light in it and the wire is there. So just add a rear brake light switch or pressure switch to the rear master cylinder. Then add a handle bar switch for the high / low beam and wire the high beam up. Add 4 blinkers and a relay. The 2 things I'm not sure about is if we need a front brake switch and a key on / off switch. 


I was reading on another web site is the new thing is to register the bike in South Dakota. Apparently they will send you a plate bike unseen. Now transferring the plate to Ca might be a bit harder though. I'm planning on doing this to with my wifes crf230 and just leaving it registered in S.D. since she's rarely on the street. Others have found a way to buy a CA plate thru some 3rd party person.

If you go on SMJ and seach crash279? threads he will go over most of what you need. I did the front master cylinder like he suggested,it has the brake switch wire ready to go.The rear I used a pressure switch. It was a fairly easy conversion for my 2012.


I also did the SD plate thing. 

CA didn't require the brake light to be activated by the front brake.

Anybody have any links to threads on the South Dakota Registration thing? Thanks

Just for my two cents I just got my Ca plate for my 02 WR 426f, and they required the brake to be activated by both front and rear brakes... Mind you te bike was never plated before, and yes I had to jump thru a few hoops, but it did work...

In the People's Republik of Kalifornia, I'd advise you to talk with the DMV before you spend ant time or money on the project.  The '02 that was plated is one thing, but it's an '02, so it's in a different category.


It's my understanding that there is no possibility of getting CA to plate anything that shows an "off-road only" status in the VIN code, no matter what, except that it MAY be possible IF the bike was previously plated in another state.  Vermont used to be a popular choice for that because they would allow non-residents to register vehicles in the state.  Then, it becomes a matter of an inspection and a registration transfer.

Move to AZ.


I did this a couple days ago.  Put on the Baja Designs kit, read the relevant AZ Forest Service ("street legal an off road ATV") and AZ DMV docs (see the relevant AZ Forest Service docs).  Trailered the cycle to the local DMV.


The inspector looked out the window, said to me "you only have to sign a certification that is meets the state requirements." and then "you're good to go".


I went to the window, signed the cert., and walked away with my MC plate :)

Move to AZ.


I plan to.  I've had about all I can stand.

http://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcy/4289185379.html. Found this while looking for another bike.


There you are.    I'm not aware that I know anyone in Sacramento, so I have no idea who this individual is, but it is potentially valuable info that looks like it's worth verifying at least.  Since the ad will expire, the text here:


BEGIN pasted from CL ad:

***To all converted street legal enduro wr450 xr650 crf450 buyers*** (All California)

This is a heads up to anyone potentially buying a dirt bike converted to street legal in this great state of California.

I recently purchased two street legal converted dirt bikes A 2006 CRF450X and a 2005 WR450F. Went to transfer title at DMV and they informed me that they have changed their policy on converted bikes and forced me to take them both to Brake and lamp inspections (120$ each bike) and to highway potrol (sic) which in turn deemed them unable to be able to be on the street due to the fact that the factory emissions sticker does not comply with on highway and off road use. Also the factory build sticker must state on Highway and off road use. Even though they both had green stickers and current plates. DMV said they sent out let's (sic)* last year to all the owners of converted bikes to bring them in for their inspections (removal of the plate)

Now I'm out all that money and they reclaim the plates.

So please keep that in mind when buying a converted ti street legal honda xr650 xr600 yamaha wr450f wr450 wr250 crf450r crf450x crf xr wr 450 etc.

  • Location: All California
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

post id: 4289185379


a day ago (1/15/14 ~ed)



END of pasted material


* "let's" is presumed to mean "letters"


No statement is being made here as to the accuracy of the foregoing, but it would make me think twice.

I seen those bike forsale a few months ago and wondered about the plates since the bikes were so new. Thought it was to good to be true. Well I guess for once I was right!

Arizona is awesome - if it has a headlight, they'll pretty much give you a plate. When I lived in Tucson, I used to see a guy riding his Raptor 700 to work almost every morning. He had turf tires on it and used hand signals when turning. Texas is really easy to register a dirtbike in as well.

BTW, I have the tusk kit on mine also. It's ok and does the job of passing inspection, but it is kind of cheap feeling. I would make/assemble my own kit for the next bike.

California did not recently change there policy on plating green sticker bikes.  They stopped allowing you to plate a green sticker bikes back in 01/31/04.  If you had the bike done before then, you keep the plate.  There is no rule that says when you sell the bike it loses the plate.  It just doesn't exist.


The bikes in question were converted AFTER the cutoff date so therefore "slipped through the cracks" and now have been "caught".  No rule change, just someone knowledgeable at the DMV being a dick.

I plan to.  I've had about all I can stand.


You would be welcome here. Bring Water :)

Just bought my bike. Looking to street legal in California. What are some good kits to buy and anyone have experience with dmv getting registered? Any advice helps thanks


check your pm's 

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