New Graphics

I meant to post these a while back.

This is the new look for ACS Racing :)

The Yamaha TTR125L, YZ250F and WR250F all have similar graphics.



Nice looking bike ACS. The shroud/tank graphics look a bit like the Powroll "engine man". Where did you get the blue seat cover?

It is the Powroll logo. Seat cover is standard gripper material. Graphics and seat cover from Ringmaster a local Aussie company.

I can't see the pictures.

open your eyes jackass

Trevor :D:). :D

I think they may be a bit big and take a time to load for some.

i REALLY love the looks of that bike ACS.It just looks sooo much differant with that swingarm,rear disk on there.

open your eyes jackass

They were coming up as the "little box with the red x" in it.

And you call me a jackass.

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