Best Fuel Screw?

Hey Guys,

Which is in your opinion is the better fuel screw the Zip ty racing or stormcycles fuel mixture screw?

Thanks and Thanks for all your previous help :)

I have none of them at this moment but if you want to have a clear look at the Ty, check out Dirt Bike mag of January 2004 on page 75. Looks pretty clean. :)

They are both about the same, get the cheaper one. :)

Neither, Kouba all the way :-)

He is great to work with


Another source is on Ebay: Fuel Screw

I have a Zipty on my 450 and recently purchased one of these on Ebay for my 426. I haven't installed it yet and it's not as elegant as the Zipty but appears to be a reasonable inexpensive alternative.

I would say go with whatever you like, I have the storm screw, and it was excellent quality, and I like the idea of having numbers on the knob, so I can keep track of where I start and end up with the adjustment. :)


I have a Scotts T-Handle fuel screw on mine. It makes adjustments possible while sitting on the bike. I like the ability to count the number of turns out without having to look at the numbers like some of the "knurled" adjusters. They're all around the $20 range with shipping. Regardless of which brand you like, anything beats the hec out of the stock one...

I have a ZipTy and like it a lot. The knurls make it easy to adjust, but also make it hard to read upside down. One of my better additions for sure!

I have the zip-ty fuel screw also.I am real happy with it and would recommend any fuel screw especially on the wr450f it is a must have.IMHO

With the starter in there it makes it near impossible to adjust with a screwdriver.

I've got the Kouba on mine. Works great, no problems. It has a small T-handle to make turning it a snap. I flattened one end of the T so I could diferentiate between the two sides.

They're all gonna work well for you. Anything is better then stock. Just pick one and go.

Zip-Ty is very well made. It wont vibrate loose! Yet it is easy to adjust with 2 fingers. :)

I've got a Zip-Ty on order through TT. But they have them back ordered right now. They informed me by email that they should be in by next week. TT has been excellent on everything I've purchased from them. They ship fast, and keep you informed of your order. They've got my support! :)


How much of a difference does adjusting the screw make? I haven't adjusted mine in the year I have owned my 426. What difference would I notice with it adjusted?

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