stuck throttle !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2003 KLX 400

my throttle stuck about 1/4 open. anybody else have this problem? :) I was able to jiggle it loose and limp back to camp. i thought i found the problem in the cable where it loops around the guide in the throttle. but it happened again.

the push cable frays at the throttle wheel.very common issue.

the bike only has 150 miles on it, and its not seems to be in the carb? :)

never seen the carb itself stick.the cable does fray at the carb end.have actually checked behind the plastic cover on the carb?

On my DRZ S model pull cable frayed in the 90 degree bend and stuck.the fraying was not visable untill cable was cut and pulled out with pliers.the frayed spot would have never been visable without destroying cable....

I had a similar problem last weekend. Part of mine was when the guy who owned it before me changed the bars, he left the stickers on and they wadded up under the tube. I thought I had solved the problem, but it did it again once I was out on the trail. I found that the bend in the return cable housing is to shallow, I bent it just slightly and rode the rest the day without any problem.

Good luck.

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