better-DR350se or XT350

Just wondering which one is better in the woods mostly,tight trails and a little jumping? Which has a softer ride? I heard the dr has clutch and speedo mount issues. Is there any signifigant changes/big improvements from one year to next? The dr 350se vs dr350s any different besides ele start? sorry so many?? I'm new here. thanks for any help

Not even close the DR has it all over the XT in the dirt the DR350s are pretty much the same bike over the years but the electric start is nice, Do yourself a real favor and try to get the newer DR400. JZ


my brother in law has a '98 DR 350 and my dad has a '91 XT 350.... ive ridden both of them quite a bit and there are pluses to both bikes. the DR has a stronger motor, is faster and has a nicer suspension. the XT feels smoother and cuz its a smaller and lower bike, feels easier to ride. both are average trail bikes, but i wouldnt feel too safe jumping on the XT... suspension way too small for that kinda stuff.

but at the end of the day and i switch back over to my bike (2002 DRZ400S), i have a huge smile on my face and soo happy to have bought that bike instead of either of those. :)

I just sold my XT after 14 years of trail riding it for a DRZ400S. The XT is reliable as a brick with equal feeling power due to the 50 lb. weight difference. The problem with it was no electric start nor suspension travel/ground clearance.

BTW, the 1986-2001 XT is exactly the same!

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