WR or YZ right for me.

Hey guys, i got into mx and trial ridding about a year ago when i got my first bike (a ttr-125) an i probably outgrew the bike b4 i ever owned it because i had to get a bike i could share with my 9 year old brother who is half my size. I am ready to move up to a bigger bike now and will most likely buy a semi used bike. Here is the delima, I do about half mx riding (what i can on the ttr cause im 6'2' and 200lbs) and half trail ridding. I like the power from 250's but would consider a 400-450 also. I was wondering if it would be better to get a Yz250f if i went with a 250 over the Wr because i have heard that the stock wr's are sluggish at the bottom of the powerband. Another thing that worries me is that i know that mx bikes are ment for the mx track and not trails and if the yz would overheat with alot of trail ridding. Basically what im getting to is would it be easier to fix the sluggish WR thing or make a Yz not burn up on trials. Im really leaning toward the Yz because i really like Mx ridding and i know it will perform better stock but dont want to get something that i will have trouble adapting to my other ridding uses. Thanks in advance for your help.

IMO It's easier to juice up the WR for track riding than it is to tame down a YZ for the trails. For your weight and height I'd say the WR would be a better ride. There are many upgrades and mods that can be done, and from what I read in your post, that would be plenty, unless your planning on taking up racing MX as a career.

Thanks, i definately will not take up Mx as a career and just do it for fun. I probably wont race but you never know. Also i know this is kinda off topic but will a WR250 out accelerate and generally outperform a crf230 on the Mx track with a few mods? Also if you would list the mods you think would be nessisary to bring the Wr up to speed that would be great. Im kinda on a tight budget because i play paintball which seems to be the most expensive sport in the world at times (but then again im not the one payying for this bike but i would have to pay for upgrades). As for doing mods on the bike, it would take me awhile to get to the point where i would really know what im doing. I am currently helping rebuilding a old xt200 which is helping me learn about motorcycles but for instance i know what jetting is and what it basically does but thats the extent of my knowledge, just an example.


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first off, check out our excellent 250F FAQ, where you can find a comparison chart which details the differences between the YZF and the WRF.




and it's predecessor


either of the 250F's will haul your 200 lbs around just fine. if you are just coming off of a TTR125, i would suggest you *not* get a 450F. i don't say this to dis your skills; the reality is that the 450F's are a handful even in the hands of skilled riders. on the trails, a 450F is somewhat overkill and you'll find hitting trees to be very painful (and expensive).

the YZF story:

a proven 125cc class pure MX machine. no frills, no extra weight, near race ready as delivered by yamaha. upsides compared to the WRF: weight, weight, weight. riding the YZF you feel like superman. my brother has a YZF, which i've spent a lot of time on, and it's a very fun bike to ride. all the magazine reviews are right; this is a very sweet motocross bike. in the right hands you can go very fast on this bike -- it has a wide powerband and possibly the best stock suspension ever devised.

the WRF story:

a proven trails bike. delivered by yamaha inexplicably "stopped up". ok, they do it to pass EPA noise regulations. there are a set of fixes, referred to here as "the FREE MODS", which uncork the WRF's hidden performance. for the most part they take a half hour and do not involve any tools that NASA would use. the advantages of the WRF compared to the YZF: lights, transmission, electric start. if you plan on riding organized trail/off-road events (see my sig for an example of a social one, but you can race enduros/scrambles as well), you will need the headlight and tail light in order to pass tech (ostensibly the bike has to present itself as "road worthy"). the transmission in the WRF has a lower 1st gear (read: tractor-like) and a higher 5th gear (read: higher top speed). the electric start is, of course, a major convenience. especially if you stop and go all the time chasing your youngins around. the downsides to these features is that you are carrying an extra 25 lb around.

in summary, we can't answer your question. you need to determine what kind of riding you will do, what the split will be, and thus which bike is right for you. many people YZF'ify their WRF's, and others WRF'ify their YZF's.

hope all that helps a bit.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Also i know this is kinda off topic but will a WR250 out accelerate and generally outperform a crf230 on the Mx track with a few mods?

no contest. the crf230 is an "entry level" bike, more a "fun bike" than an MX racer. you can probably get better lap times on a YZ85 or CR85.

the brakes, engine, suspension etc on the WR250F are all far superior to the crf230. the WRF (with equal riders) will smoke the crf. but it (the WRF) is also a lot more money!

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Get the WR, I have taken my biek to the track and it does just fine (it owuld do great if I knew how to jump)but the bike is greta on the track and if you know how to ride you can hang with most bikes out there. Woods is a diff story, after you do all of the free mods the bike comes alive and it can not be stoped, I rode my WR with most of them done and though it had piower ( i did the grey wire mod) and the bike is more than i can handle now I love it. The WR is the bike I cose due to I love woods riding and it can be crafted into whatever riding style you want easier than the YZF. The electric start is good to haev (i have a 02 so i missed out but had a TTR-225 and i loved the electric start..) that will help you out anywhere you need it. In my openion I would have got the same bike again and wouldnt think twice about. Get the WR you wont look back :D:)

It really depends on how much jumping you're going to do. If you're not going to *race* motocross, get the WR. If you're going to race, you'll need the YZ. I have the YZ, and it is a capable trail machine, but of course, the WR is better. The YZ will NOT overheat unless you make it. I've ridden some of the tightest trails anywhere in Alabama in 90 degree heat with no problems.

And yeah, comparing the WR to the crf230 is an insult. The 230 has like 15 horsepower, compared to the WR's 30ish. Not to mention everything else...

I would go YZF if I was 50% motocross. I am 100% woods and the WR works great. Most of my riding budies have stock or modified YZF's in the woods and seem to do fine. :)

Well I will chime in and vote for the YZ. I think the YZ is a very competent woods bike right out of the crate + O-ring chain. Suspension is hard but you can lower the oil height and get suspension you can live with for the most part for rocky trails. Dont get me wrong, its not gonna be as plush as a WR but its not as bad as most make it out to be. If you ride much trails and get lost or make long loops invest in an oversized tank for the YZ. In my opinion the YZ really needs no additional flywheel weight. This is just my opinion. I own a 02 WR250 and an 04 YZ250 2 smoker and have ridden the YZ250F's in the woods as well. To me it seems I spent more money getting my bike light and fast like a YZ is out of the crate than it would have taken to buy an O-ring chain and an oversized tank.

Actually, my 03 WR has a stock DID 520 x-ring chain. I have also spent less than $250 on upgrades (free mods, GYT-R exhaust tip insert, power now, JD jetting kit, Zip-Ty fuel screw, and some jets), and it's pretty fast. Maybe someday I'll get a pipe, but right now I'd rather have the $700 in my pocket. Probably could have saved $100 and not bought the PowerNow, but I still run it anyway. I helps a little.

The WR jumps pretty good, but if I start jumping farther, I might have to upgrade the suspension (I weigh 205 without gear) with stiffer springs. I'd have to do the same to the YZF because of my weight.

I don't think I'd seriously MX the WR, but it's fine for hare scrambles/enduro/DS races. I'd feel comfortable MX'ing on it for sh*ts and grins, but I'd probably not win too much: mainly because of my ability rather than the shortcomings of the bike.

If I was serious about racing, I'd probably get the 03 YZF cam, a pipe and suspension mods. But you'd have to fight me to get me to give up the electric start. :)

As of right now i am about 50/50 between trial riding and Mx ridding but i probably will never race. Im looking to buy a used bike locally in the 3000-4000 range, also many of the bikes ive looked at already have a few upgrades on them. For some reason i lean towards the Yz, i dont know why maybe its just calling to me. But if it would overheat and make trial ridding miserable then i would deffinately choose a Wr over it. Also im not sure if i would notice a Wr as being sluggish in the lower part of its power band because the only thing i have ridden that was larger the my ttr is my friends crf-230 i mentioned earlier. Ive seen both Wr's and Yz's for sale locally with upgrades (exaust, graphics etc) in the 3400-3800 range. Also thanks guys for the help, i know what its like to have people that dont really quite know what they are asking because im one of the most experienced members of the paintball forum pbstar.com and have lots of people email me questions all the time so i know how much time it takes to answer questions and i really apreciate you guy and posibly gals input.

As of right now i am about 50/50 between trial riding and Mx ridding but i probably will never race.

I would not recommend either bike for trials riding :D:) Check into a Gas Gas for that . Thats a JOKE btw .

My WR came with a great O-ring chain too, I am saying if you buy a YZ you need to buy an O-ring chain. Both are great and you cant go wrong with either. For me I just think the YZ would be a better route to go since mine is practically a YZ and I paid money to convert it.

I put a vote in for the YZ. Look at my signature. Those are all the mods I have on my bike. I just wish it had more power. The YZ is very easy to handle anywhere, then again, I weigh 220 w/out gear. I love my YZ, starts easy, runs awesome. It's fast, I would just ask for a little more bottom end and a harder hit... :)

Thanks guys, i think i will try to ride both bikes and decide which i think would be better for me. I now realize that the Yz would do just fine on trails (maybe a little louder and not have electro start but i could make due without) and that the Wr wouldnt be as hard as i was thinking to make it perform about the same as a Yz. I was looking at the yamaha website and i saw that both should be able go rev to 13500 rpm and still have power all the way through, that amazed me. I think i have underestimated both of these bikes due to the fact that i have never ridden a bike bigger my friends crf230.

I think i have underestimated both of these bikes due to the fact that i have never ridden a bike bigger my friends crf230.

Not as an insult, but you're right. The YZ weighs about 30lbs less than that bike, yet has double the horsepower, a much longer powerband, and faaaaar superior suspension. Be careful the first time you twist the throttle, or it will land you squarely on your rear!

Both of these bikes are very equally matched but were intensionally designed for a particular type of riding in mind, the YZ for track and the WR for trails. I know you pain because your right in-between and can only afford one bike and want to do both. Which ever bike you deside on, if you woods a YZ or track a WR, you'll always be leaned slightly more to one side (track or trail). The Ideal situation would be to own both.

Hey I am in the same boat. :) wr or yz I am not going to be doing any triples but will the suspension hold up if I tackle something smaller? (6'1 160..wet) I think I am leaning now to the wr because of the enduro side of it. But let me ask you guys this..Are people going to laugh :D at me if I show up at the mx track to run a wr for fun or is that normal.

It's normal. WRs are often found at MX tracks - it really is not that much of a stretch.

I see them at the races all the time, they are the ones with the headlight. :) Just jack the clickers ina few notches when you hit the track you'll be fine.

really your about the same size as me i weigh about 158 and im 6'3" i have a 03wr250 and i have the powernow and dont the free mods(besides yz cam timing cus you have to by the damn new lob...)anyways my bike is faster than hell i can keep up with 250r's and banshees(2-stokes) in the dunes hell i can evin win the 450s up a hill in drags sometimes... i can evinm easly* keep up with them 250 2-stokes.but i do warn you they do run cold at night mine will not rev.. all in all i am very impressed with my buy.

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